Nite III's LED Black Light - The Ultimate Night Fishing Light

Make Night Strikes Visible

Fishing at night presents a unique challenge. Even in full moonlight, fishing line is nearly invisible on the dark nighttime water. If you can’t see your line then you are missing many subtle strikes and potential catches. What’s the solution? Using powerful UV illumination, the Nite III’s (pronounced Nite-eyes) LED Black Light causes your fluorescent fishing line to glow like a neon rope, making the smallest line movement clearly visible. With Nite III’s, you’ll see more strikes and catch more fish!

Most fishing black lights rely upon outdated fluorescent light technology. These lights are big and bulky, making them a hassle to store and transport. Fluorescent bulbs break easily from the slightest impact, and can be expensive to replace. But the Nite III’s LED Black Light uses state-of-the-art technology to overcome the drawbacks of traditional night fishing lights.

If you fish at night, you need Nite III’s! It’s smaller, brighter, more durable, and cheaper to operate than fluorescents, and it costs less than most other lights on the market. Use the navigation links at the top to learn more about the Nite III's LED Black Light, to find a retailer in your area, or to contact us with questions or comments.

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